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Providing patients with access to the highest quality concentrates since 2010.


The team at Bubble Smith hash focuses on creating strain specific hashes by utilizing mechanical separation techniques and a variety of traditional hash making methods from around the world. 

Why Bubble?


Bubble Hash is a true representation of the ability a cannabis plant has to produce psychoactive compounds. It is far more than just a product to be consumed. Under a microscope the colors, textures, and consistencies of bubble can provide growers with a deeper understanding of when varietals reach their peak ripeness, and the evolution of compounds within a cannabis flower.  This knowledge can be used to create more unique flowers, with a wider variety of medicinal compounds.

Precise dosing


9 out of 10 cannabis concentrate products available to consumers in today's cannabis market are generic, only contain one psychoactive compound, and lack a diversity of flavors. This is a result of mass produced synthetic cannabis crops being chemically processed by way of solvent- based extractions.  Strain specific bubble hashes, rosins, kiefs, and oils on the other hand offer the consumer a variety of unique and effective options. This allows medical and recreational patients to more accurately dose and address their symptoms, as well as provides the consumer with multiple consumption options; smoke-able, vape, dab, edible, and topical products.   By consuming products free of chemical alteration, the consumer can also become more knowledgeable in the differences between strains and have the ability to more accurately dose their symptoms.. 

Solventless options

Bubble Hash


We work with cultivators to understand the nature and evolution of the resins that their specific varietals create in order to produce one-of-a-kind hashes.  A variety of techniques are used for separation  including; dry frozen, fresh frozen, dry sift, ice water bubble hash,  and  dry ice separation, depending on the desired outcome.  Once isolated, resin crystals are either pressed, decarboxylated, or left alone to preserve their original properties.



The rosin production department at Bubble smith Hash is focused solely on creating full spectrum dabs from bubble hash. Dabs are a huge trend in today's modern cannabis industry, but that doesn't mean customers need to be subjected to consuming solvent based concentrates that are harsh, lack true flavor, and only contain THC. We focus on providing the cleanest, most full spectrum dabbing options made from strain specific pure bubble hashes.  This means dabs free of residual pesticides that are high in oil content and have zero metallic alkaloid retention.  We call it DAB-A-Bubble, and it leaves zero carbon on the nail after dabbing.  Most samples come back between 62-82% THC, with a variety of secondary cannabinoids.  We also offer THCA and terpene separation services.

Edibles and Topicals


The coarser micron layers of bubble hash batches can be used in a multitude of ways to provide relief for medical marijuana patients.  These hashes can be extracted for edible use, topical lotions, sublingual applications, and aroma therapy.  By extracting the cannabinoids form a source that is free of chemical alteration, the end products are cleaner than those that result from using solvent based extractions.  This leaves the customer with a relief product that is lower in toxicity than most products on the shelves, and has equal or higher psychoactive compound retention.


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Our Team



Agent Smith has been a legal organic cannabis cultivator and concentrate specialist in California and Colorado for the past 15 years.  He created Bubble Smith Hash in response to all the solvent-based hashes flooding the market, and hasn't looked back since.  His commitment is to working with growers to create the most unique and effective organic cannabis based products possible.


Hash "Spatula-ist"

Monique has been a dedicated hash maker, edible producer and company manager since the beginning of medical marijuana in Colorado, and specializes in the production of ice water hashish.  As a bubble hash 'spatula-ist', she uses traditional sifting methods and a wood spoon to create 6 star full melt bubble hashes. from strain specific organic crops.



Organic cannabis is the source of all hashes, kiefs and related products.  We have an extremely high level of concern for plant happiness, and couldn't work without our friend Shiva.  The key to hash quality lies in the hands of the cultivator. As such we offer  cultivation assistance, consultation, harvesting expertise, compost tea recipes, ecological garden retrofitting, soil mixes, and other services in addition to our extraction programs.  Ganja is most definitely the third member of our team

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